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You always wanted to know how people really cooked in the Middle Ages? How to build a longbow? What it has to do with this famous Hildegard von Bingen? Or would you like to learn the art of sword fighting? Here you will find our course offers for deeper insights into the knowledge and arts of the Middle Ages.

Medieval cooking course
Smoke, fire, darkness are the elements that characterize working life in the kitchens of the Middle Ages. Whether on the simple hearth of the peasant, on the waist-high brick hearth of the burgher's wife, or on the up to eight open stoves with smoke hoods that the lordly kitchen master must constantly monitor - the preparation of medieval dishes is a constant dance around the fire. It can hardly be regulated, consumes vast quantities of wood; and coal, which provides more even heat, is expensive.

Course management: Kedzior family
Tel.: +49(0) 6055 - 81 26 8
Monastery cuisine according to Hildegard of Bingen
Experience cooking in the historic castle kitchen of Ronneburg Castle. Learn how food was processed in the Middle Ages. Cooking without electricity, baking bread in a wood-burning oven. Recipes according to Hildegard von Bingen with background information on the health cuisine of Hildegard medicine. A journey back in time to the 12th century.

Course leader: Isabella Groß-Dietzel
Tel.: +49(0) 157 - 51 91 30 09
E-mail: isa-gross@gmx.de
Sword fighting seminar
The teaching and research institute for martial arts and philosophy, founded by Mr. Volker Kunkel in the 70s of the last century, has been dealing with European fencing techniques, especially historical forms, for more than 30 years.Volker Kunkel has organized fencing seminars in this framework for about 25 years - especially at the Ronneburg - in which a total of more than 3000(!) participants have been taught so far, who can draw a similarly successful balance in the German-speaking world?

The focus of the seminars is the work with the weapons of the European Middle Ages and early modern times, especially the short sword and the long sword, which are unique in their development of weaponry as well as in the fighting technique and within 500 years of development surpassed everything that was developed in other cultural areas!

Since last year, the West Coast Institute is led by Annette de la Cruz and the philosophy and knowledge of this martial art is passed on to the next generation by Volker Kunkel's master students.

Course leader: David Braun
Tel.: +49(0) 6074-72 87 49 4
E-Mail: info@west-coast.de
Bow making seminar
Bow making is a craft form that has already developed into an art form in our time. In the bow making seminars, the participants are taught the basic knowledge needed to build a bow.

The participants of the bow making seminars come to the seminars for the most diverse reasons and with the most diverse expectations. Some have built bows before and want to deepen their knowledge. Others have always wanted to build a bow, or perhaps have been given a voucher for the bow building seminar for their birthday.

Among the participants are women as well as men or couples of different ages, but I make sure that the participants are at least 16 years old, since building a bow is indeed physical work that requires a certain amount of strength and endurance.

Not every participant has learned a trade or is familiar with the tools that we use. But this should not deter anyone from trying, because at the end of the seminar every participant goes home with a self-made arrow and a self-made bow.

Course leader: Nico Veggiato
Tel.: +49(0) 6184-7486
E-Mail: nicoveggiato@web.de
Leather processing
Today you can rarely look over the shoulder of shoemakers, bag makers and saddlers. In this workshop, you get very close to the ancient material leather and learn the basic techniques of leather processing under the guidance of Frank Rossel from Robb's leather workshop.

Course leader: Frank Rossel
Tel.: +49(0) 6051-14298
E-mail: robbslederwerkstatt@web.de