Bow making seminar

Bow making is a craft form that has already developed into an art form in our time. In the bow making seminars, the participants are taught the basic knowledge needed to build a bow.The participants of the bow making seminars come to the seminars for the most diverse reasons and with the most diverse expectations. Some have already built bows before and want to deepen their knowledge. Others have always wanted to build a bow, or perhaps have been given a voucher for the bow building seminar for their birthday.

Among the participants you can find women as well as men or couples of different ages, but I make sure that they are at least 16 years old, because bow making is really physical work that requires a certain amount of strength and endurance.

Not every participant has learned a trade or is familiar with the tools we use. But this should not deter anyone to try, because every participant goes home at the end of the seminar with a self-made arrow and bow.

Registration & Prices

Please contact the course instructor for this

Course management: Nico Veggiato
Phone: +49(0) 6184-7486

Christmas market

Zum Ausklang des Jahres findet an den ersten drei Adventswochenenden unser wundervoller romantischer Weihnachtsmarkt statt. In der gesamten Burg werden dann unzählige kleine Stände die Räume füllen und bei Glühwein, Waffeln und vielen anderen leckeren „Spezereien“ für einen vorzüglichen Gaumenschmauß sorgen. Selbstverständlich wird es auch wieder einen mittelalterlichen Markt vor der Burg, unser „Lebendiges Krippenspiel“ und viele weitere Attraktionen geben.

Admission prices

Adults: 9,- €
Children: 7,-
Reduced*: 8,-
Historically dressed (from head to toe): 5,- €
Family ticket 1 child: 23,-
Family ticket 2 children: 29,-
Family ticket 3 children: 35,- €

*Pupils, students, senior citizens, disabled persons - each with proof.

Parking: 3,- €

Opening hours

Sat: 11-20 h Sun: 11-19 h

Sat: 11-20 h Sun: 11-19 h

Sat: 11-20 h Sun: 11-19 h